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With the launch of her new website, the Texas born country influenced songwriter Tashay Lee has a lot of new work to share. She is currently working on a string of acoustic videos of new music to share and is excited about her new venture with Legacy Lyrics and Music. When asked for comments she had this to share, “I’ve haven’t been very visible recently, but that’s not to say I haven’t been busy. I’m extremely excited about the new projects I have in the works particularly my idea to go ahead and start releasing some very raw, acoustic, original videos. These are not going to polished, or even studio recorded. The idea is to get the music out there and get honest feedback on what songs I should take into the studio next year. What songs would my audience like to see come to life? Getting the listeners involved is going to a fun way to do that”.


Interested in learning more? Below are some additional fun facts about Tashay Lee.


How she got started:

As a child there wasn’t always TV in the house, but there was always music. Tashay Lee attended her first concert (James Taylor) at the age of seven and she was hooked on music. She would spend hours a day locked in her room just sitting and listening to records over and over. Once middle school rolled around, she joined the band and learned to play the oboe and continued to attend as many live music shows as she could. One in particular, Debbie Gibson, made a big impression. Tashay remembers buying the tour book and reading Debbie's bio and thinking if she could write songs, why couldn’t she and so her first set of lyrics were born. In High School Tashay continued to write and play.

In her twenties Tashay formed the band Strange Brew. They were a mix of Country Rock and Blues. The band performed around Eastern North Carolina for a few years before Tashay moved to Nashville to study Music Business and expand on her songwriter craft which she continues to do daily.


-Performed with the live Country/Rock band “Strange Brew” in Eastern North Carolina from 2003-2006

-Made first demo of original music recording at Beard Music Group in 2011, Nashville, TN

-Moved to Nashville 2011 to Study Music Business at Belmont University

-Most recently began co-writing sessions, and began playing local writer’s rounds

-Preparing the launch of her Music Publishing podcast

-Writing Publishing Book scheduled for release 2020

-New Music coming 2020

Musical Accomplishments:

-Thunder Country 96.3 (North Carolina) Local Country Throw down winner for four days in a row for “Nothing I Do”

-Thunder Country 96.3 (North Carolina) Local Country Throw down Best of Series for “Nothing I Do”

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